+++ Общественная организация Республики Таджикистан «Фонд поддержки гражданских инициатив» (ФПГИ, Дастгири-Центр) была создана группой энтузиастов в начале 1995г., в сложный период гражданских противостояний. Юридический статус ФПГИ получил 1 июня 1995г. Основной миссией ФПГИ является поддержка развития гражданского сектора республики через реализацию экологических инициатив направленных на охрану окружающей среды, устойчивое развитие, разработку и реализацию программ управления природными ресурсами... +++
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Бахром Мамадалиев

Date of birth: 28/07/1952
Nationality: Tajikistan

Personal address:

Dushanbe, Krilov str., 4

E-mail address:

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Telephone No.

99237376286 (home)

992935557141 (mob.)
Education: Hydrometeorological Institute of St.Petersburg, chair of surface hydrology 1969-1974 (M. Sc.)
Other training:

1991 – Course for managers at the Academy of National Economy, Moscow

1998 – Civil defense and early warning system, California, USA

1999 – Course of trainers on civil defense, International Organization “Focus”, Dushanbe

2008 - EBRD Delivering Successful Projects Workshop, Joint Vienna Institute
Membership of professional societies:
Hydrolojist, Ecolojist
Countries of work experience: Tajikistan, Russia
Language & degree of proficiency:









Detailed tasks assigned: Work undertaken which best illustrates capability to handle the tasks assigned

1. assume liaison and co-ordination tasks during absence of team leader


2. co-ordinate domestic consultants team and counterpart Government staff


3 . co-ordinate and provide logistic support for office, transport, support staff, procurement of equipment etc.


4. assess existing situation regarding flooding phenomena and flood damages; review available documents, identify important flood sources and main areas, infrastructure and settlements / inhabitants under flood threat


5. assess short-term and long-term impact of past floods in Tajikistan regarding socio-cultural and socio-economic development


6. assess existing situation regarding institutional set-up and agencies' responsibilities for flood management, identify gaps and shortfalls


7. assess the suitability and implications of particular flood zoning, in particular the impact on landuse and population, and mechanisms for implementation


8. assess suitability of improvement of catchment areas and their impact on flood reduction

General qualification:

Hydrotechnical constructions, engineering hydrology and hydrometry, experience on the preparation of the chapters of scientific programs on climatic and hydroenergetic resources, items of complex assimilation of mountainous areas of Tajikistan.

The organization of training courses on the preparation of the public rescue groups and population training on the conduct in the emergency situation conditions.

The composing of hydrometeorological guide books, yearbooks and bulletins.

Risk estimation and early warning system. Preparation of plans of emergency training, defense of population and territories against natural disasters.

Experience with PC’s softwares.

Management and executive experience and team leadership in various institutions and government agencies, playing a central role in the flood management and emergency sector of the Republic of Tajikistan.

Employment record:

From 2010

Employer. Position Held. Description of duties

To Present

State Institution “ Dushanbe Solid Waste Management Project Implementation Unit”. Chief Specialist of Project Implementation. Organization of institutional system and engineer management

From 2006

Employer. Position Held. Description of duties

To Present

Public Organization “Cleaner Production”. Director. Arrangement and conducting of educational seminars on Norwegian model of “Cleaner Production”

From 2001

Employer. Position held. Description of duties

To 2010

Committee of nature protection of Dushanbe city. Chairmen of the Committee of nature protection. The solving of ecological and environmental problems in Dushanbe city

From 1999 To 2001
Employer. Position held. Description of duties Apparatus of President of the Republic of Tajikistan. Main expert of the department of ecology and emergency situations, executive secretary of the governmental commission on emergency situations. Responsible for the collection of all information on emergency situation in Tajikistan, coordination of the activities of various ministries, organizations and local organs of government on the readiness to emergency situations and liquidation of their consequences, preparation of the projects of political decisions in the field of emergency situations and the financing of the activities on the readiness to emergency situations and liquidation of their consequences, leadership of the activities of the Republican Center on the coordination of the projects on the liquidation of emergency situations consequences. The solving of ecological problems, forecasting and management of natural disasters, the determination of the degree of anthropogenic influence on the creation of emergency situations, evaluation of the damage from natural disasters, liquidation of the consequences from natural disasters.

From 1997

Employer. Position held

To 1999

Ministry of Emergency Situations. Colonel, deputy chief, chief of the department of protection of population and territories

From 1994

Employer. Position held

To 1997

Academy of Science , Council of productive powers. Senior scientific officer

From 1992

Employer. Position held

To 1994

Ministry of Constructions. Chief of construction administration

From 1974

Employer. Position held

To 1992

Hydrometeorological Survey of the Republic of Tajikistan. Engineer, leading engineer-hydrologist, deputy chief

List of main conferences and workshops where took part in the last years:

1997 – The problems of sustainable development of Tajikistan, Dushanbe


1998 – First forum on natural disasters, reporting with national report on Tajikistan. Kobe, Japan


1999 – International conference “Mountainous area of Tajikistan”, report “Climatic features of Zerafshan valley”. Dushanbe


2000 – Ecological problems of Aral Sea region, national report. Teheran, Iran


2000 – Workshop “Program of risk decreasing of Sarez lake burst”. Dushanbe, Tajikistan.


2001 – Ecological problems seminar. Garmish, Germany.


2001 – Asian Development Bank project – TAJ 3495 «Strategy for Improved Flood Management», deputy team leader/flood management specialist. Tajikistan, Dushanbe.


2002 – “Water Services in Europe”, expert from Ministry of Environmental Protection of Republic of Tajikistan. Paris, France


2002-2003 – “EECCA Environment Strategy”, expert from Ministry of Environmental Protection of Republic of Tajikistan. Tbilisi, Georgia. Kiev, Ukraine.

List of main publications:
  • “Natural disasters of Tajikistan”. Dushanbe 1999 (description of catastrophic natural disasters in Tajikistan, including Sarez lake tragedy, earthquake in Khait gorge etc.)
  • “Preserve the nature of Tajikistan”. Dushanbe 2000 (description of the problems of serving of water, air, soil, flora and fauna, what is possible to do and the experience of other countries and our forbears)