+++ Общественная организация Республики Таджикистан «Фонд поддержки гражданских инициатив» (ФПГИ, Дастгири-Центр) была создана группой энтузиастов в начале 1995г., в сложный период гражданских противостояний. Юридический статус ФПГИ получил 1 июня 1995г. Основной миссией ФПГИ является поддержка развития гражданского сектора республики через реализацию экологических инициатив направленных на охрану окружающей среды, устойчивое развитие, разработку и реализацию программ управления природными ресурсами... +++
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Мурод Эргашев


Home Address:

Dushanbe, Republic of Tajikistan
Hissarskay street, h 79, fl.24 ,


Home telephone: 32-63-87, Mobile phone: 935044602

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PhD 1995 Tajik Soil Science Research Institute, Agro Chemistry, Pedologist’. Thesis Title: "Ways of Improving fertility of sand soils in the Republic of Tajikistan". The thesis was defended in Tashkent, the Republic of Uzbekistan.


Diploma 1983-1988 Tajik Agrarian University , Agro Chemistry, Pedologist’ .


Certificate 1997 Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Foreign Affairs under the Government of Israel, Training course on "Irrigation and Fertilizer".


Certificate 2001 Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), Vegetable Training Courses .


Certificate 2002 Ministry of Foreign Affaires (TATA-Infotech. Ltd.), New-Delhi, India, Training Course on CCMN “Computer Course Master of Enterprise Network”


Certificate 2003 ICBA ( International Center for Biosaline Agricultural), Dubai. UAE, Training Course on “Salinization of Irrigated lands and Reclamation”


Certificate 2003 WOCAT (World Overview of Conservation Approaches and Technologies), Katmandu, Nepal, Training Course on “Soil and Water Overview Conservation Technology”


Author of more than 50 scientific articles devoted to improved fertility of salty, low fertility, land-locked and sandy lands/soils. Produced film on "Soil Degradation and Poverty". Co-author of various programs and technologies on rational use of lands.




Russian, Tajik and Uzbek: Sufficient fluency for co-facilitating workshops, field research, Tajik translation of documents for Russian and visa versa, report writing.


English: Working knowledge sufficient for basic survey research and consultation of documents:




MS Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook, Internet etc.




Reading , computers, fishing, classic music.




Author of more than 50 scientific works devoted to agricultural issues. Solid knowledge of rural/local development/agriculture. Experience in community mobilisation, provision of trainings in agricultural issues i.e. water and soil conservation and other related issues. Skilled in monitoring, evaluation, review and assessment of rural development program/project activities and in the use of participatory approaches in these areas of work. Good analytical skills. Good interpersonal skills in working with a variety of individual from diverse academic background. Skilled in planning and implementation of various activities. Experience in developing both financial and operational reports. Good working relationship with government officials at all levels, including Ministry of Agriculture and Environment, State Land Committee, Tajik Soil Institute and etc. Human Resource Management Skills.




2005-2007 Central Asian Mountain Partnership Program " Tajikistan", Project Leader.


1 Program Management (40%)

  • Manage, implement and monitor the project in line with the Project Document and its Logframe as well as with the Yearly Plan of Operation
  • Communication of the respective projects’ objectives to the governmental and non-governmental institutions, donors and International Organizations (potential partners)
  • Identify suitable implementing partners (governmental and non-governmental institutions), communicate the project objectives and approach and support these institutions in formulating project ideas
  • Counseling of partner organizations (planning, monitoring, reporting, implementation; identify training needs)
  • Support and supervise partner organizations in the implementation of their specific projects
  • Overall monitoring of partners’ activities
  • Budget monitoring
  • Contribute to planning of new project phase (organize workshops, establish draft Planning Platforms, Pro Docs and Project Agreements)
  • Liaising with other CAMP partners in Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan to facilitate coordination of activities;
  • Keep regular working relations with agencies dealing with legal and governance issues and be informed about projects of other international organizations
  • Provision of quarterly reports, half yearly reports and annual reports, which include financial reporting, to the donors;
  • Supervise closely the work of national staff
  • Conduct Staff Meetings
  • Contribution to planning team meetings
  • Develop operational and financial reports
  • Identification of individuals for working groups and elaboration of ToRs for them
  • Human resource management
  • Organization and participation in conferences, trainings, and evaluations
  • Development of concepts and CAMP planning
  • General monitoring, coordination and management of the projects
  • Supervising the impact monitoring in Tajikistan
  • Organization of backstopping missions in Tajikistan
  • Regular contact with SDC as a key donor in Tajikistan


2 Water and Soil Conservation and Film (35%)

  • Identify best practices in soil and water conservation through adapted techniques and approaches and implement adapted technologies together with farmers
  • Disseminate selected technologies and make awareness building about the goals and benefits of water and soil conservation

Specific Tasks

  • Prepare the mandates and contracts for the specialists
  • Selection of the technologies with farmers
  • Selection of the villagers for implementation of the trials
  • Further development of the ALS tool for water and soil conservation
  • Moderation of ALS workshops
  • Introduction of ALS moderations
  • Project coordination and monitoring
  • Preparing of the exhibition and presentation in SWC


3 Case Study on Fiber Plants (10%)(Support mountain products: Fiber plants in Tajikistan )

  • Develop linen as a technical culture in TJ
  • Develop products out of linen in TJ
  • Facilitate the income generation through linen production of mountain households
  • Prepare the mandates and contracts for the working group and partners
  • Organize working group
  • Conduction of the introduction workshop in Kulob and Isfara
  • Project coordination and monitoring
  • Facilitation of the workshop for linen processing in Naryn, Kyrgyzstan in autumn 2006
  • Preparing presentation


4 Policy Dialogue (5%)

  • Raise awareness and knowledge of the general public, as well as of politicians (decision-makers) of various levels in the field of water resource management in Dushanbe and the whole country
  • Disseminate innovations and ideas in the field of sustainable management of water resources at different levels
  • Promote exchange of positive experience in the issues of water use
  • Organisation of the establishment of the exhibition about the water codex
  • Taking contact with authorities for policy dialogue in the field of water issues
  • Preparing mandates and contracts for people involved in the activities
  • Organisation of working group
  • Prepare the presentation


5 Village Management

ALS workshops: Sustainable use of Natural resources in the frame of village planning process
  • To promote sustainable development and sustainable use on natural resources.
  • To support the village planning by input on sustainable use of natural resources.
  • Preparing the mandates and contracts for moderators
  • Organization the moderators team
  • Workshops coordination and monitoring
  • Coordination with the other workshops in the frame of village development


6 Teamwork

  • Providing support to team members, maintaining open, friendly relations with each team member, always looking for dynamics and synergy with others as well as for acceptable compromises on arguable issues


7 Communications and Information

  • Providing all-kind information related to my responsibilities to both internal and external interested parties.


8 Partnership

  • Maintaining and developing mutually beneficial relations with all partners: CAMP/Dom Gor team members, journalists, working groups, Magazine contributors, villagers, etc.


2004-2005 Central Asian Mountain Partnership Program " Tajikistan",Project coordinator


2002-2004 Deputy Director for Scientific Work, Tajik Soil Science Research Institute


1996-2002 Manager of Soil Melioration Department, Tajik Soil Science Research Institute


1993-1996 Chief Scientist of Physics Soil Department, Tajik Soil Science Research Institute


1989-1993 Soil Specialist of Physics Soil Department, Tajik Soil Science Research Institute


1988-1989 Junior Scientist of Physics Soil Department, Tajik Soil Science Research Institute


2008-present Deputy Director, Tajik Public Association “Foundation to support civil initiatives”


My referees:

  • Daniel Maselli CDE Responsible for the CAMP Program in Central Asia
  • Shodiboi Jabborov – coordinator Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation
  • Malika Babajanova – director the Regional Environmental Centre for Central Asia Tajik Branch