+++ Общественная организация Республики Таджикистан «Фонд поддержки гражданских инициатив» (ФПГИ, Дастгири-Центр) была создана группой энтузиастов в начале 1995г., в сложный период гражданских противостояний. Юридический статус ФПГИ получил 1 июня 1995г. Основной миссией ФПГИ является поддержка развития гражданского сектора республики через реализацию экологических инициатив направленных на охрану окружающей среды, устойчивое развитие, разработку и реализацию программ управления природными ресурсами... +++
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Далер Абдусамадзода


Dushanbe, Tajikistan, Nakhimova street 10/4

Mobile phone

+992 918726975, +992 938060642


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Working experience

From September 2015 to the present time

Center for biotechnology of Tajik National University

Research area

Environmental microbiology and biotechnology

September, 2008 – June 2013

Tajik National University (TNU).

Undergraduate Degree in Chemical Faculty of TNU,

Department of “Macromolecular compounds and chemical technology.




Extra education

Participated in different trainings and received certificates

From 4 to 9 November 2013 training on «New Approaches on Animal Feeding and Feed Analysis»;


From 19 – 22 of February, 2014 training course on «Food safety hazards, Pre-requisite Programs (GMP and GHP) and food safety system based on hazard Analysis and Critical control points (HACCP)»;


From 03.03.2014 to 28.05.2014 passed the internship for Microbiology at the University of Bergen in Norway. I had studied Methods of cultivation of microorganisms, extracting DNA, work on PCR an other


From 1-6 of July 2014 participated in the training «Education and raising awareness of dual-use science» and Training in bioethics. (Organizers ISTC and «Tabios»)


From 19 – 21 of June 2014 participated in training “Support for the realization of the National Biosafety Framework of the Republic of Tajikistan» (Organiser UNEP/GEF).


On 12.03.2015 Participated in the training «Support for the realization of the National Biosafety Framework of the Republic of Tajikistan» (Organizer UNEP/GEF).


From July 28 to August 30, 2015 within the project «Network for higher education and research in environmental microbiology and biotechnology» (CPEALA-2014/10111) under the direction of Professor Microbiology Nils-Kare Birkeland performed a research work on the study microbiota of thermal springs of Tajikistan at University of Bergen (UIB) in Norway.


On 21 April 2016 performed presentation “The ways to solving the contamination of mercury pollution in the frame of Minamata Convention” (organizers: IPEN, Ecological organization “Foundation to support civil initiatives” (Dastgiri-Center), Tajikistan)

Additional information

The member of public ecological organization “Foundation to support civil initiatives” (FSCI, Dastgiri-Center), Tajikistan, www.fsci.tj

Computer skills - advanced